Cage 4 All Aims to Help Dementia Awareness Through Mars Milk Play Fund

Cage 4 All continues to forge direct community links through an association with Dementia Friendly Hampshire. A joint venture has kicked off with an application through the Mars Milk Play Fund, with the hopes of winning a grant of up to £1,000 to provide a Cage Cricket Kit and training to Dementia Friendly Hampshire.

It is hoped that the innovative play sequence, together with the way in which everyone playing the game is always included, will provide a chance for anyone living with dementia to participate. This scheme will provide a grant of up to £1,000 for those projects which secure the most public votes, and you can help the venture by clicking on the link and casting your vote:

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Jane Ward from Dementia Friendly Hampshire commented, “Many people affected by dementia feel socially isolated; opportunities to participate in the types of activities the rest of us take for granted become increasingly limited. They can also become less physically active, further undermining their health and wellbeing. Cage Cricket has been developed to allow participation for players with various disabilities and we believe this will extend to dementia. The game has also been proven to work well inter generationally. It would be wonderful if parents or grandparents with dementia could participate with younger generations, enjoying both the physical and social benefits of the sport!”

Terry Crump, Vice Chair of Cage 4 All said, “This is an important new partnership for us, and we know from the discussions with Jane just how Cage can make a positive impact on not only those diagnosed with dementia, but for their families in providing a fun activity.

We hope that the public will rally behind this application, and show their support by taking a couple of minutes to cast a vote.”

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